This guide is intended to support the deployment of the updated FileMaker plug-in file 'DialogMagic.FMX' (attached). The updated file is required by the client application (FileMaker Pro), however it can be placed into the FileMaker Server update folder, ready to be automatically downloaded by the client upon opening.

If you experience any issues or have a query during deployment, please contact the Product Support team.


Deployment Steps

1. Connect to your FileMaker Server machine.

2. Locate folder ‘installdrive:\FMServer\AutoUpdate'.

Note:    'installdrive' could be C: or D: as an example.

3. Paste the attached file [DialogMagic.fmx] into location stated in step 2.

Note:    If a message is received during the copy stating that the file already exists then please choose the option to overwrite/replace the existing file.

4. Ask an end user to open the SIPP~Pro or SSAS~Pro application and verify that the application launches correctly.

Note:    See below for troubleshooting steps.

5. Locate ‘installdrive:\Program Files (x86)\FMPRO55\System'.

Note:    'installdrive' could be C: or D: for example.

6. Paste the supplied file (DialogMagic.fmx) into location stated in step 5.

Note:    This step is necessary to avoid issues with overnight processing tasks.



If you operate SIPP~Pro or SSAS~Pro from within a Citrix Server environment, steps 1-4 above may not resolve your issue alone.You may need to repackage your application and manually insert the attached file into the location given in step 5. Please also make sure to complete step 6 so that your overnight processes function correctly too.

Update Error Message

Once steps 1-3 are complete, the end user may experience the follow error message when they attempt to run the application (step 4):

This can be rectified by running the application (FIleMaker Pro.exe) with elevated permissions (How To - Configure FileMaker Pro Compatibility)